New Year’s Eve

Generally, Christmas Eve brings together members of the same family, while New Year’s Eve is celebrated rather with friends .

The meaning of the word “Eve”

When we were talking about New Year’s Eve, it was the Christmas night meal, which we took when we returned from midnight mass. The word “Eve” most probably comes from the imperative of the verb “to wake up” and is an allusion to the fact that this nocturnal meal was meant to wake up the guests to prolong the evening!

As for the New Year’s Eve, it was also late into the night, although unlike Christmas Eve it was not customary to eat after midnight. Nevertheless, by a slippage of language , it became customary to designate by the term “Eve” the New Year’s meal as well as that of Christmas.

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The New Year’s Eve Menu

For the last evening of the year, the one that celebrates the transition to the New Year in style, abundance must be in order. Indeed, it is a good omen to enjoy the finest and most luxurious dishes because it is a way to confidently consider the New Year and put it under the sign of prosperity . This is why foie gras, lobster, oysters and smoked salmon will be happy to come to the menu. However monotony is not mandatory and many people are trying to vary the menu of the new year, with one constant: the recipe must make use of rare and reputable ingredients.

We can celebrate the transition to the new year in small groups or during major disguised or dancing festivals bringing together a very large number of people. It is also possible in some large cities to enjoy a fireworks display (whose noise keeps away evil spirits if we believe some legends!) Or even a street show. At the moment when the twelve strokes of midnight sound, the jubilation is intense and one forgets its usual restraint. The guests will kiss at midnight, to wish each other a beautiful year. To follow the tradition, the ideal will be to kiss under a branch of mistletoe! Indeed, mistletoe is a lucky plant, which the druids considered beneficial and auspicious. Custom also wants theWe open the champagne at the time of twelve strokes of midnight , so as to drink to start the new year in the bubbles and optimism! If you party in the company of Spaniards, you can also follow their rite of passage to the new year: this ritual, which brings good luck, is to eat a grape each time resonates one of twelve strokes of midnight.

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Why is this Christmas Eve New Year’s Eve?

Saint Sylvester was the 33rd Pope of the Church, under the reign of Emperor Constantine, between 314 and 335, when he died. New Year’s Eve is not the only saint to be celebrated on December 31, but it is the most famous and its name is thus associated with the last day of the year of the Gregorian calendar.

What precautions to take on December 31?

So that the excesses of December 31 do not affect you, here are some precautions to take. First of all, if you have to move, be careful: look at the traffic forecasts as well as the specific timetables for public transport. Do not take the car if you have not planned a safe place to park! The traffic jams will take place in the early evening : to avoid them, if you can, take the lead and arrive in the middle of the afternoon at the place of the festivities. For the return, it is especially the accidents that are to be feared. Very numerous and often related to the excess of alcohol, they must encourage you to be very careful. Excellent eve to all!

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