25 Professional beauty tips

Women work on their beauty every day and every hour. And, of course, learning from their own mistakes, each one gets their small but efficient secrets.

YourHealthUnlocked.com gathered for you some tips that will facilitate the care of your physical appearance and help you to achieve a perfect look.


Do you want the nail polish to dry faster? Put your fingers with your nails painted in a bowl of ice water: the drying time will be significantly reduced.


Before applying the enamel, put a little olive oil on the cuticles. That way you can easily remove the excess glaze.

If you often need to correct your manicure but do not have time to do it properly, always have some sequins on hand. It will be enough to apply a transparent enamel on the old enamel, and above to put the sequins of the right tone: your nails will transform instantly.

If you use nail stickers, for example, for the French manicure, take care that the ends of each adhesive come out of the nails. At the same time, make sure you put it well so that the enamel does not get damaged.


Removing small sequins from the nails is very simple: just apply the nail polish remover on a cotton ball, put it on the nail and wrap the finger in silver paper. After a couple of minutes the sequins will be completely removed.



After applying conditioner to your hair, try distributing it throughout the length of the hair and let it dry without brushing it. This will make the hair do not get tangled.

When you dry your hair using a dryer, to achieve a greater volume begins drying with the roots of the hair.

When you make a braid, use a mousse for hair, so even this simple hairstyle will look cuter.

If your hair is tangled, it is better to start brushing it from the ends and go up little by little, so you hurt less.

When drying your hair with a towel, do not rub it too hard. This causes the hair to become brittle and break easily. Use a soft cloth instead of a stiff towel, an old shirt could serve for it.

Dry shampoo or baby powder will save you from excess fat in the roots. Sprinkle a little talcum powder on the roots and the hair will look clean and voluminous all day long.


If you can not paint a straight line with an eye pencil or eyeliner, do not despair. Just do not try to make a line with a single movement: it is better to make 3-4 small strokes starting at the middle of the eye.

Before sharpening soft pencils for eyes or lips, keep them for a while in the refrigerator, so they will “deform” less when sharpening.

Mix dark shadows with light shades. For example, coffee, dark green and blue with neutral or creamy tones. This option is perfect for both day and night makeup.

Apply the blush on the cheekbones to the line of hair growth.

Cocoa oil is an excellent substance to remove makeup. Wash your face as you usually do, put some cocoa oil on a cotton ball and pass it through your closed eyes. The result is simply fantastic!

Sprinkle painted lips with the shade of the right tone, so the lipstick will last longer.

Before putting on your lashes, put a card under them. Now you can be sure that you will not stain your skin.


Skin and body care


Always keep a moisturising spray or a cream for your face and hands in your workplace, especially during the hot season.

Necessarily apply a nourishing balm under the eyes, it is more comfortable to do with the ring fingers. The area under the lower lashes will look perfect!

In the morning, wash your eyes with very cold water or ice cubes under your eyes, this will remove the swelling and the skin will look fresh.

An inflammation in the skin will be less visible if you apply a little ice to the problem area, the cold acts on the capillaries.

Do not rush to throw away the face cream that you have not used for a long time. Better apply a thick layer on the heels, and better, for the whole night. Your feet will be very soft.

Try to do a dry exfoliation: impetuously, but with caution, brush a brush through your body before bathing. Your skin will be very soft.

Mix a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Exfoliate for 5 minutes, then rinse. Do this every day to have soft, pink lips.

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