The impact of stress on health

Stress is said to be the cause of more than 60% of doctor visits. It reaches a very wide audience, whatever the age and the social level. Stress becomes worrying when it persists as it can become dangerous for your health

What happens in the body under stress?

What happens in the body under stress?

According to endocrinologist Hans Selye, stress is a normal response to the body’s adaptation to the stresses and aggression it undergoes. It triggers a succession of reactions that allow the body to manage the situation and regulate the stress caused by this triggering event.

The stress process has two phases :
The alarm phase : The body reacts to this “attack” by stimulating the adrenal glands to release adrenaline and the body can react immediately. The heart rate and blood pressure increase, some muscles contract and glucose is released into the blood.
The resistance phase : The body then releases other hormones, including cortisol (a hormone involved in the regulation of blood pressure, cardiovascular function, immune function), dopamine (= pleasure hormone), endorphins (= welfare hormones), serotonin (= sleep hormone and soothing).
Once the stressful situation has been appeased and controlled, a relaxation reaction is triggered. After a period of rest the body returns to its natural metabolism

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