inspiration, thanks to the best tutorial nail art of Christmas spotted on Pinterest and Instagram.

An easy Christmas tree nail art

For a manicure in the theme of Christmas, we put on the colors of Christmas. A beautiful red varnish and a silver or gold according to your preferences.

You do not have to be a nail art pro to make this christmassy manicure.

What is needed? Two lacquered varnishesand tape. A red varnish that will serve as a base and a silver to draw the tree. Place the adhesive to form a fir tree and color your silver design.

On Pinterest you will find tutorials for all tastes and for all levels. From the very sharp nail art to the beginner nail art tutorial , you will find step by step to create an original Christmas manicure .

A manicure snowman

Contrary to what one might think, making a snowman nail art is very simple!

nail art snowman
© Pshiiit.com

What is needed? A blue varnish, a white varnish, a red and an orange and some nail art tools : a fine brush and a dotting tool .
Two rounds more or less big to draw the snowman, 2 drops of black varnish for the eyes, a fine orange line as a carrot for the nose. Hop, voila!

A Christmas Nail Art Snowflakes

No snow at home at Christmas? This is one more reason to give pep’s to your nails with nail art.

nail art snowflakes
© jesuisvernie.com

In addition to being able to gorge on chocolates and receive gifts, Christmas is also the perfect opportunity to use and abuse glitter. So we put on a polish 100% glitter of the color that we prefer.

To draw snowflakes, we arm ourselves with a fine brush and a white varnish.

A Santa Claus on the fingernails for the holidays

We spare you the nail art too complicated Santa Claus! Make a beautiful nail art when you have two left hands , it is possible. To facilitate the task, we draw the coat of this dear Santa Claus.

What is needed to make a nail art Santa ? A sequined red varnish (for the festive side), a white, a black varnish and a golden varnish.

A reindeer nail art for Christmas

What’s more cute than a little reindeer beautifully painted on our nails for Christmas?

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