10 ideas for celebrating New Year differently

You’re tired of the big, noisy evenings, and at the same time, you want to hit the mark? To avoid finding yourself on the couch with a TV-tray, just a little bit of anticipation to organize the evening that will make you enter the new year … So? Family, friendly, loving, supportive, spiritual … how will your New Year’s Eve be?

Between “It’s an evening like any other! ” or what ?? You have nothing planned on 31st !!! », Opinions and habits diverge! The important thing is to feel at home. And if you have not found it for this year, do not panic! Aleteia gives you 10 ideas to spend the New Year differently.

” An almost perfect dinner “

Delicious food, festive atmosphere, neat decoration, small committee, at home … Without going to the rating system established by the reality show, the Eve is the opportunity to meet friends around a good and beautiful table. No need for decorative perfections or culinary performances, the goal is to relax, laugh, remake the world … until 12 midnight strokes! Do not hesitate to spread the dishes, so that everyone brings something, which will lighten the organization and unloads the masters!

“The big restaurant”

As a couple, friends, family, you are gourmets and dream for months of “doing a gastro” (gourmet restaurant)? It will not be the great restaurant of Mr. Septime, but go ahead, this is the opportunity! And it’s time to reserve your table if you do not want to be recaled on D-Day!

” A family resemblance “

For some, family eve is a must-attend! To prevent the evening from taking on a “ Family Air “, carefully avoid topics of discord, derogatory remarks or ambiguous gifts such as the dog collar! Enjoy the luck and joy of being together to start the New Year.


Want to stay quietly at home with the children? It’s the perfect evening to play a part of this board game that kids have been listening to for weeks, but you’ve never played because it takes time … On the 31st, book your party for a Trivial Pursuit , a Risk or a Dixit, after a festive dinner. A tip: decide in advance and with family what game you will enjoy, to avoid arguments and long procrastination D-day!

family playing game

Why not decide to watch a good movie, in the cinema or on a small screen? Movie cult or novelty, it’s time to have fun! Choosing the title together and in advance will give rise to healthy impatience!

“Travel for two”

Idle for a romantic trip to spend the New Year? Here are the 10 favorite cities of the French in 2016, according to Trivago, online hotel booking website: Paris, in first position, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York, Dubai, Marrakech, Rome, Disneyland Paris, and Venice! There is something for every budget! Just click!

” The Lady and the Tramp “

This year, you want a different eve, to meet other people, to help the poor, or the oldest, alone or isolated that night too. Several charity organizations organize solidarity evees on the evening of the 31st. You will find your place among missions such as maraudes (street tours to spend time with a homeless person), soups to distribute, home visits … According to there where you live, contact an association such as Secours Catholique , the Secours Populaire , the Red Cross , Miaa , the Salvation Army , the Saint Vincent de Paul Society , the Captives liberation, or go to sites that list the need for solidarity actions: France Bénévolat , Benenova or Entourage .

” Santa Clause is garbage “

The film makes a mockery of it, but the mission of listening to people in difficulty is beautiful, useful and commendable! Especially on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, where the loneliness of some is even accentuated, compared to other or past years. This is why many associations or parishes organize solidarity eve- nings in the form of festive meals. Perhaps you will feel called by the desire to spend a moment with poor people, the need to help them, to listen to them, to transmit a little warmth on this cold winter night. Check with your parish, or with associations such as Secours Catholique, Secours Populaire, and the Red Cross.

“The Great Silence”

Without going to bury you in the Grande Chartreuse, praying and worshiping on the evening of the 31st will make you live the New Year’s Eve differently. Far from social gatherings or ambient noise, choosing to spend the New Year’s Eve at a vigil of prayer will undoubtedly be a source of peace, contemplation and joy to start 2018. Vigils of prayer and adoration are organized in many parishes, and by some religious communities.

The prayer vigil for peace at Ourscamps Abbey (60) begins at 9 pm with the repetition of songs, then Vigils of the Mother of God, followed by the prayer vigil for peace (adoration with the possibility of confessing ), torchlight procession and mass for peace … then hot chocolate!
The Baye, Courset, Chateauneuf de Galaure and Lacépède charity homes are also organizing a vigil of prayer and adoration on December 31st.
The Community of the Word of Life welcomes you to Andecy (51) from 18h for the Vigils, then meal, vigil with tale, praise, testimonies, worship, buffet and dances, and Sunday: teaching, Mass at 11:30, meals, on the theme: “To live the passage of the year under the gaze of the Lord and in joy!

” Men and gods “

To go further in the healing and prayer, you can choose to live a spiritual retreat around the New Year. This is the ideal place to thank God for the past year, to entrust to him your fears, your questions, your hopes for 2018. It is taking time to pray, to discern, to listen, to dialogue in depth. It is to start the New Year enlightened in your choices, rejuvenated in the love of God and the Virgin Mary, and filled with the joy of the experience of the presence of God in your life.

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